After season Talk´s

Sindre Ure Søtvik


Was your season like you expected, are you satisfied with your way?


Sindre: "Im happy with my season. My main focus was to get back at the level I know im capable off. With a victory and a couple of podiums in the continental cup and world cup points as well it ended up quite good."


Does the summer before worked well?


Sindre: "My summertraining went as I planned, I was working really hard at the ski jumping part and not that much at the cross country part."


What was the best moment for you this season?


Sindre: "The best moment was no doubt my victory in COC Kuusamo! A really strong performance were my jumping and cross country part was at a high level the same day."


Something that was worst for you?


Sindre: "The last part of the season was bad, I was training to much to fast after the Asia trip and lost my energy."


What did you learn for yourself from this season?


Sindre: "That I have a really high max potential, and got something to do in the world cup. Just need to get a little higher cross country capasity to fight with the strongest ones."



How were the WC's went for you? How is your feeling about?


Sindre: "I had my best wc period in asia were my jumping was at a really high level and I got a new personal best with place 21. Otherwise im disapointed about my performance in the WC . In Asia it was quite good. But I made a mistake with the training. I underestimated how much energy the trip to Asia took, so I was training to hard to early and lost the punch in my legs."


What are your planes for the next few month´s now?


Sindre: "My plans for the next month's is to work hard and have fun bout off and on the field."



Thanks a lot for it Sindre! :)

by Marion Grumbd


Magnus Moan


Was your season like you expected, are you satisfied with your way?


Magnus: "The start of the season was really bad for me. But since  the WC in Val di Fiemme in January I could show also better jumps and until the end it was a good season for me I would say."


Does the summer before worked well and planned?


Magnus: "I worked hard, but did not get the answer I was hoping for. Jumping was way under my potential."


What was the best moment this season?


Magnus: "For sure the World Championships in Lahti with 2 silvermedals! :)"


Something that was worst for you?


Magnus: "My injury in Val di Fiemme. This wasn´t fun at all! But I found a good way to manage it."


What did you learn for yourself from this season?


Magnus: "At least a lot! I have to be in the same modus during the coming summer like I was now. And for sure I have to be on a higher level in the hill to be better."


What are your planes for the next few month´s?


Magnus: "First vacation with my family, and than start the prepare after easter again!"


You are not the youngest anymore... How do you plane your future? Do you think about what's coming after your career? How long do you plane for yourself to be a nordic combiner?


Magnus: "I want to work with athletes, that can learn from my career and build a team maybe. But first I have to compete myself in Seefeld and Olympics next season! :)"



Thanks a lot for it Magnus! :)

by Marion Grumbd


Headcoach Bjørn Kåre Ingebrigtsen


How satisfied are you with this season – do you reached the goals you had?


BK: "This season has been very challenging and we have by no means reached our goals. Only Jørgen was in the fight from the start, but due to sickness and damages he also lost his strong side during the season."


What was the highlight for you? Did you had some suprising results you dont excpected?


BK: "The highlights have to be Jørgen's skijumping part in some rounds, Espen's strong season and team competitons in Lahti."


What do you think about Espen Andersen's first WC season?


BK: "Espen has been taking small steps the last years, and this season he was taking an other big step and stabilized his performance among the top athletes. It was fun to see his skijumping level in Ramsau."


What have you learned from this season for the future?


BK: "We must carefully evaluate and look at the whole set up, this season has been far from par, it can not continue like this."


What are the planes for the summer?


BK: "The evaluation have to set the priorities for the summer. It looks like we have a bit better economy and we have to priority more and better camps and athletic programs."


What do you think is the reason why the Germans was dominated this season that much?


BK: "Germany have a very stable and strong system with an impressive continuity. The stable strong performance this season has impressed me. I don't think they are so much better than before, for sure Rydzek has been much more stable at his top level. But our problem is that we have performed below last years level, and then Germany is alone without competition at the top."



Thanks a lot for it Coach! :)

by Marion Grumbd


Espen Andersen - 15th at the WC Overall


Was your season like you expected, are you satisfied with your way?


Espen: "My season has almost been over my expectations. I was hoping for a few top 20 results and maybe one top 10. But in the end I had a team sprint victory and 5 top ten results. Even a tenth place in the world champs so I have to be very satisfied with that."


How is your feeling after the final weekend?


Espen: "The final weekend ended well for me with a 7th place on the last day so that was fun. It was so many people and an fantastic atmosphere around the xc slope and in the jumping hill." 


Does the summer before worked well and planned?


Espen:  "I had a good pre-season so I was hoping that the winter would turn out well, but you never know." 


What was the best moment this season?


Espen:  "The best moment was the victory in the team sprint in Val di Fiemme together with Jørgen. To be on the top of the podium for the first time in the world cup was fantastic and even cooler that I could be there with one of my team mates." 


Something that was worst for you?


Espen:  "It was a bit disappointing that the first competition in the world championships went so bad. I have most of my best results from k90’s so I had hoped to be in the top there."


What did you learn for yourself from this season?


Espen:  "I have learned that we have to train even better and harder next year to beat the germans."


What are your planes now for the next few month´s?


Espen:  "I have a bachelor paper to write, and then hopefully relax a bit too!"


Thanks a lot for it Espen! :)

by Marion Grumbd


Magnus Krog - 2 times silver medal winner

photo: Flawia Krawczyk
photo: Flawia Krawczyk

Magnus, how were the World Champs for you and special getting 2 medals with your teammates?


Magnus: "The championship in Lahti was very good for me. Compared to my shape in November, start of the season, I feel I managed to get a lot out of the championship. The job from November to Lahti was quite hard, and I stayd a long time away from home and my family to prepare as good as possible.

Of course I was hoping for an individual medal as well, but coming home with two medals is very nice! Im especially satisfied with my competition in the team-sprint, and it looks like my shape was coming a bit late in the jumping-part! Anyway Im quite happy :-) "



Thanks a lot for it Magnus! :)

by Marion Grumbd

COC Planica

Jens & Einar Oftebro


How was the whole weekend in Planica for you?


Jens: "On Saturday I was not pretty satisfied because I jumped quiet bad, also my cross country race was really though. But with Sunday I´m really satisfied. My jumping what was pretty good, also my cross country race. And taking again some COC Points as 28th is really good."


Einar: "This weekend in Planica was nice. The weather was great and the conditions were close to perfect." 


Einar, what was the key for your race on Sunday for your best result so far (15th)?  


Einar: "My entire season has made me a better nordic combined athlete. So my jump finally gave me a better start position, I had the chance to do something good."


How was it to compete in Salt Lake City for you?


Jens: "The Junior World Champs were quiet good. I´m really satisfied competing there. My results were ok. I did some good jumps and some good races. I´m very happy to compete in all 3 competitions there. It was a very fun trip with all the guys and we are a great team."


Einar: "Salt Lake City was an awesome adventure. Even though my skijumping did not meet my expectations. I had a great time competing in the perfect conditions that met us in the olympic arenas."


What are your plans for the rest of this season?


Jens: "Next weekend we have junior nationals in Midstuen/Oslo. Of course I want to take some medals there. After it I think than are senior nationals as well. Top 15 there will be my goal. And than starting to preparing the next season."


Einar: "The coming two weeks I will stay at home, competing in the junior nationals, before heading to Russia for the COC finals."



Thank a lot for your time guys! :)

by Marion Grumbd



Truls Johansen


How was the race on Sunday?


Truls: "It was a good race for me, I felt really good. I started a bit hard so I had to take it a bit slower in the middle of the race. But I tried to go hard in the end to catch Greiderer and Welde. But it was bit to far and there had some more power in the end. But all in all I´m happy with the race and my shape is pretty good. Of course I want to be higher but I think the jumping part is really close. But I need 3-4 meters longer jumps than I will be close enough. Its are really small details I´m missing. But all in all I´m really happy."



How were the World Cups in Asia for you?


Truls: "That was a fun trip. I´ve never been in South Korea or Japan before, so it was cool. But I struggled a bit in Pyeongchang, that was not so good. In Sapporo I felt that things are work better, but I feel also there I missed that little like selfconfidence boost maybe to really get up there. I hoped that I can be Top 10 in one competition. 16th place is ok but I had a higher level on that. I could it done better."


How was the season so far for you?


Truls: "It´s been a bit up and down. I feel that my training has been really good. I´ve been jumping much better the whole winter in training. But I struggled a bit to get it out into the competition. I think it´s been positive all in all. But I really miss that one competition where everything just fits together perfect. But I had some good experience."


So you dont reached your goals you set before this season?


Truls: "Not really. But I could compete pretty much in the World Cup this season. Thats been a great experience. And I think thats important for an athlete to reach the next level you can get more chances than only one weekend there. Thats been good for me this season to be more at the WC instad of COC. Hopefully I get the spot in the team for Oslo and Trondheim and maybe there I can reach my goal."


Thanks a lot for your time Truls! :)


by Marion Grumbd



Harald Riiber


How was the first competition for you here in Planica?


Harald: "It was good. I had a good jump but I had a bit trouble because I had a problem with my suit at the top. But I managed to fixed it there. So I was a bit stressed, but it went good. So I´m satisfied with that and 3rd place after jumping is quiet good. The cross country race was like to tried to get up with Klapfer, but he was a little bit to strong. During the race I had to work by myself, Jelenko tried to follow me but he wasnt any help for me. So I tried to get a hard speed at the race and tried to keep the other guys behind. But it was a bit struggeling in the end. 
I was a little bit sad first, because I was trying to get the podium. But today I was satisfied with what I managed." 


You was competing at the World Cups now in Asia. How was this experience for you?


Harald: "The whole trip was a hugh experience, just traveled to Pyeongchang and Sapporo. It was also really fun that I managed to jump good went good races there as well. I´m satisfied with been Top 20 in the World Cup."


Whats coming up next for you?


Harald: "We have to see how it goes here tomorrow and than we have a chat with the coaches and the Ski Federation who will be part than in Oslo and Trondheim. I think I will have a good chance for it. But at the moment I´m little bit up for the Overall at the Continetal Cup and want to try to be Top 6 in the end."


Thanks a lot for it Harald! :)


by Marion Grumbd

COC Eisenerz

Simen Tiller & Lars Buraas


Simen, how went the last summer for you?


Simen: "It was good I think. I moved from Lillehammer to Oslo and trained a lot with Harald, Jarl and Espen Andersen. I had a quiet good summer season, not the results but the training was good. I had some medical issues, what wasnt good for my performance. So I´m quiet allergic against some wood and grasses. And the medical stuff I got wasnt helping me for my muscles and something else. My weight went high with it as well and nobody unterstand it. But we fixed that with an norwegian specialist and the shape is now at the right direction with the new medicine."


Which goals did you had for this season?


Simen: "My goals was to go to the WC in Pyeongchang and Sapporo. But I saw earlier that I havent a chance to make it. So my goal was just to be involved in so many competitions as possible and starting to got some good results. I had a lot of goals before this season. But now it has just beeing in every competition I can. Of course the hope is to be in the national team in Olso and Trondheim at the World Cup."


How is your feeling with your competitions you had this season?


Simen: "I had been in a few competitions in Norway and It started before christmas with 3 extremly bad competitions. My body wasnt ready for it. But I need to get some competitions to start to move my body into the right direction. The last ones before Eisenerz was quiet good, I had some good jumps and was fast at the cross country. Of course I hoped the same for Eisenerz. But we had some problems with our skis at the first competition. The conditions wasnt that easy for us first.
At the hill the trail round was bad and the official even more on Saturday. My jumping had been quiet good from start of January. So my goal was to be at Top 10 or Top 5 after the jumping. I know what went wrong and just have to fix it again. So I was a bit frustraded even I was only 1:30 min behind the leader. But with like 5 m more at the hill it would be easier to be at the front and thats possible for me for sure."



Lars, how went the last summer for you?


Lars: "I was a bit sick before christmas, but the whole summer I was working a lot with my skijumping. I havent been that good all the summer. From July to December it wasnt good enough. But now its turning in the right direction suddenly. 

So the summer was ok. Last year I had a pretty nasty fall in Lillehammer. After that at the last winter season I was like sometimes scared. So I´ve been working with that all the summer. And now after the summer it goes more and more up. I always been a good cross country skier but this year I really made the decision that I have to priority skijumping much more and train pretty much lesss cross country and more skijumping. So its a different year and its getting better now. But it was a long summer for me and I´m really satisfied with the last month actually. Even if I jumping better and better and at the training at home I can jump much better than now at the competitions."


Which goals did you had for this season?


Lars: "My main goal is to be at every COC and get Top 5 places there. I was at least one Top 5, so I´m near that now. I´m hoping my jumps went better. Because if I jump good than I would be really good. So the main goal has been all the time to jump better because thats everything I need. I´m good at cross country now for a pretty long time and it goes up every year. But now in nordic combind you have to jump pretty good I would say. And I´m happy and glade that I made this decision this summer and I hope it will be more easy next summer and turning in the right direction all the way. 

So now I want to be a part at the Top in COC and compete for the first places. And I hope to be at the national team who will be at the World Cups in Norway. I hope to jump good enough now that I can be at that team. And if I can come there and jump good everything can happen." 


How is your feeling with your competitions at COC this season?


Lars: "It was pretty good. At the trainings and PCR I jumped bad. But this winter after christmas it went better and better all the way. I had good feeling and I´ve been more confident that before when I come to Otepää. But training there wasnt nearly I expected but I was thinking about and watched my jumpings at the videos again. Than I managed to jump on a higher level in the compeitions and I was really happy with that. My cross country was ok there and I was happy with it. It was my best COC result so far (6th)!

In Eisenerz I think for me it was maybe me best cross country in that season. I didnt have good skies but I manged to go fast either. At the hill I was not happy with a 45th place. But I wasnt jumping that good at the training and it went better at the competition. But I have at least to jump 5m more and than I´m able to go maybe for Top 5. But I didnt think myself that it would a 11th place after 45 at the jumping. So it was pretty weird. I thought I had maybe a fair chance to go Top 20 this day, so it was just suprising for me in the end." 


Thank a lot for your time guys! :)

by Marion Grumbd



Juniors Ludvik Braathen & Simen Kvarstad


Ludvik, Eisenerz its your 2nd COC Weekend. How is it for you?


Ludvik: "In Høydalsmo I jumped quiet ok in the training, but not so good at the competition. But it was not to bad and I did a great cross-country I think. I was 32th there and it was ok. It was a kind more of xc compeition because of the small hill and a hard track. 

Here in Eisenerz I havent solved the hill at all. I dont know, I just dont feel it. Skijumping is so up and down. But I cant to be disappointing. Its just fun to participating and to be here. But of course I wanna do better jumps, because I know I can jump much better. Also the training on friday was not good and PCR was really bad. But its ok, its not hurt.
Today (Saturday) I couldn´t finished the race, but I wasnt mad at least, I´m not that type. I mostly smile even I jumped good or not. I only think its fun to be with the guys. So its a lot of learning, now its my first year as Junior and I guess I just have to learn and thats ok.

Equipment control is also something new, but it is ok. I try to make my suit as they should. So as long as I´m not DSQ I´m really happy. But of course its not that striked in other competitions I´ve been earlier. So it´s fun to learn how they do it at the COC and Wordl Cup. Their are a lot of rules to follow, its a little bit stress at the top with the suit. But I just try to follow the rules and then it should goes well."


How is it for you to travel with the older athletes?


Ludvik: "Yeah its fun, Thomas is a nice guy and we are connect good even we are a quiet different age. I think maybe the other guys think I ask a little to much about everything. But I guess its better to ask than to not ask. But I think their are ok with it and unterstand that I have a lot to learn."



Simen, Eisenerz its your 2nd COC weekend. How is it for you to travel with the older athletes?


Simen: "Yeah I had my debut in January in Høydalsmo and its just fun. I train daily at home in Trondheim with Thomas and its quiet funny to travel with him. To see how the norwegian team travel and see how there are preparing for the competition is good learning. Sometimes I get some tipps from Thomas because he is old part at the COC Team and quiet experienced in that." 


How went you first competition here for you?


Simen: "My jumpings at the PCR and on Saturday were quiet bad. So I´m not really satisfied with my results. But I know if I do a good jump it will be another skiing part were I dont need to start in the back and must try to beat the other guys. Starting in the front its much better I think. 

So its a bit new for me to have a equipment control at the top. My pad in the shoes were slipping so it was quiet weird at the inrun and the flight. But thats something I need to learn, but I´m young and get experienced with every jump and cross-country I´m doing."


How are the hill and track for you in Eisenerz?


Simen: "I would say the jumping hill is very nice and new with the perfect track, it was good prepared. The cross-country track is a track I´ve never seen before at a field. You dont have that hard hills, but there are quiet long. The down hills is quiet hard because you cant relax your legs on it and there are not rested for the next hill. But its quiet good for the spectators to can see all of it. I´ve never been at a competition at that hight with around 1000m, so it was something new for me. Its a bit more finer air and my legs are getting worse earlier. "


Thank a lot for your time boys! :)

by Marion Grumbd


Seefeld Triple 2017

Our best at the Nordic Triple - Magnus Krog


How did your season went for you so far? Are you satisfied with it?


Magnus: "Season did not go as good as I had planned before the season start. I was ill in a long periode of time before the season start, and then my racing shape has been poor almost until now. In Chaux-Neuve I was starting to race ok, and it gets better and better."


How was your training during the Christmas holidays?


Magnus: "I was training home, but got ill for a couple of days again, during the christmas. So again, it was not as good as I had hoped for. But overall I managed to put in some good sessions :)"


What made the Nordic Triple in general that special?


Magnus: "This year the special thing with the triple was of course the perfect weather. Sun every day and a fantastic crowd with loud spectators :)"


How was your Triple this year?


Magnus: "The triple did not start very well. I did a bad competition on Friday, but then on saturday I did quite well. Sunday was ok, with racing time 1. Thanks to Illka Herola who helped keeping the pace high in our group. So I will say it was a ok triple after all, but hopefully I will be better next year! :)"


What are your goals for the rest of this season?


Magnus: "My goals are first of all an individual medal in Lahti, and after that I hope to reach some podiums in the end of the World-Cup season."


What are your plans now until the Champs in Lahti?


Magnus: "Right now we stay in Seefeld for some days, and then we go home. And we will have a final camp in Lillehammer before we go to Lahti."


Whats different in your training since you are a daddy? :)


Magnus: "Some things got a little different. I have to be better in planning my days. And I´m looking even more forward to come home from training or camps than before. Cause I miss my family a lot when I´m not home. Luckily we have technology like skype etc that helps us communicate and see each other when I´m away."


Thanks a lot for your time Magnus! :)

by Marion Grumbd


Worlds No. 9 in the WC Overall - Espen Andersen


Its your first complete Worldcup season. How did it went for you until now?


Espen: "My season has been very good so far! I had expectations that it could be a bit better than last year, but not this good. So I am very satisfied so far."


Did you expect that good results you get at the first WC period?


Espen: "No I didnt, but it was a pleasant surprise."


Whats the difference for you competing at the COC and the WC?


Espen: "Actually its not that different but everything is a bit bigger in the WC, so maybe that."


What made the Nordic Triple that special?


Espen: "Its a fun format, with different distances and that you take your time with you from the day before."


How was the triple for you this year?


Espen: "It surely wasnt the results, but it has been amazing atmosphear and the weather has been so good these days. So that has been splendid!"


What are your goals for the rest of this season?


Espen: "I havent set any goals for the rest of this season. If I qualify for the world champs in Lahti, it would be very fun to go a distance there. But I will just try to enjoy the rest of it anyways."


What are your plans after Seefeld until the Champions in Lahti?


Espen: "I dont know my plans after Seefeld, either it will be a break or some preparations for the championships in Lahti. I dont think I will go to the World Cups in Asia."


Thanks a lot for your time Espen! :)

by Marion Grumbd


Our youngest at the WC - Jarl Magnus Riiber

photo: Flawia Krawczyk
photo: Flawia Krawczyk

What was the sickness you had in December? Is it cured already?


Jarl: "We dont know. Actually the training is a little bit harder and its not good for the cross country shape at the moment. But hopefully I get a boost when the Seefeld Triple is done. We have the focus at the WC in Lahti and whats happen after that. So thats more important."


One year ago, you had problems with your shoulder. How is it about?


Jarl: "We think its better and the process has been quit good. After it we had trained more for the shoulders so hopefully it will be not any damages in the future."  


How were your competitions in January?


Jarl: "In Lahti it was ok competition for me. We had not the best skis on Saturday where I compete. The Level is quit high at the best, so I dont have that in my mind. Just trying to produce good skijumps and hopefully I will have a big gap to Eric and the other germans in the track. So thats the plan and thats why I´m a bit mad of myself sometimes after the skijumps because thats so important for me."   


Whats your secret of your good jumps?


Jarl: "The secret is training, maybe I train more than the others in the skijumping part. ;) I have a good touch what I do there. Maybe thats the reason why I´m quit stable at a higher level."


What are your goals for the rest of this season?


Jarl: "I hope the 5km here on Friday will be good for me. I dont have any high expectations at the 10 and 15km this weekend, I will see how it goes.

The Top 3 and a medal at the World Championships is very inside and also a goal. But I just want to come in shape again this season. Because this longer period with sickness had destroyed more than I was expacting." 


Thanks a lot for your time Jarl! :)

 by Marion Grumbd


Klingenthal - COC Opening

The weekend from our athletes view...


How was the summertraining gone?


Thomas: "The summer training was ok. I jumped a lot, but lets see if it work now."

Harald: "It was good. My pre-season in May, June, July was really good and I had really good summer competitions in Oslo. The training camp was really good at beginning this summer, but I got sickness when I come home. So August and September was really bad for me and I used the whole autumn to get on shape again after it. At the summer nationals than in Lillehammer I jumped really good, but struggled a bit with the cross country at that point. At the winter nationals my shape on track was back but the skijumping was a little bit unstable. So I struggle a bit to get the perfect jump and perfect cross country at the same day."

Espen B.: "Summer training has been good. I´ve been training a bit more skijumping than the last years, but overall it was fine. I´ve not been sick or injured as the last 2 summers before."

Espen H.: "It was ok. I was in good shape at the start of summer. I was only a bit sick at the end of the summer, that was quit heavy. But I could train good so in overall it was ok for me."

Sindre: "It has been really good, we done some changes in the training and I focus more at the jumping part. Last year I was training to much with low quality, so this year I try to train with a higher level. At the cross country I train with the same high intensity like last year, just a lower volumne."
Einar: "It was going great, I only was a bit sick at the beginning of summer. But later it was pretty good."


What are the goals for this season?


Thomas: "My main goal is to get a good performance in every race."
Harald: "My 2 goals for this season is to get a podium at the COC and get World Cup Points and I hope it will happen. But it´s still December, so we will see. We still talked about that the B Team is maybe going to the WC´s in South Korea or Japan. There is as well maybe a chance at the national team in Oslo and Trondheim to compete at the World Cups again."
Espen B.: "My goal is to get the podium in Conti Cup and some points at the Wordl Cup. Now it looks that it doesnt feel like that. But I´ve been jumping good in trainings so far, so there is a chance for me."
Espen H.: "I want to go in Top 3 in a COC race, thats my priority goal this season beside the learning process."
Sindre: "My first goal was to got a medal at the nationals in Beitøstolen, but I didnt managed it. My next goal was to compete at the WC in Lillehammer and try to go from there to Ramsau. But my jumping in Lillehammer was bad and the cross country track is so hard there. It didnt go so well for me. But I was looking forward to compete in Klingenthal, because I know that I´m a good skijumper and the tracks here fit me really well."
Einar: "My big goal is the Junior Champions in Park City. I think I can go there, maybe as well with my brother Jens. And I hope for a result at the Top 10 there."


How is the feeling after this weekend in Klingenthal?


Thomas: "I think it was like average jumpings from me. I started with ok cross country races. But at sunday I was a little bit tired at the track. It was 3 competitions at the weekend, so it was though then."
Harald: "I´m not so satisfied with the results. I had jumped very good here and I jumped really bad and I went some OK ski races. But I think the race on Sunday was the best. But I falt after my jump and destroyed a good result. On Saturday I jumped really bad because I didnt know what I did. Because I jumped really good on Thursday and Friday. So maybe I had the plan to do it better, so its a little bit sad that I didnt show what I can. But I hope later in this season I can show it again."
Espen B.: "I felt good at cross country but the jumping part is so bad. Its a way below my average in training. I dont know what to say, it was only horrible. On sunday I felt really good at the track. But I went out when Sindre has done his first lap. So I could run with him and I wanted to try him to get the victory. I was a bit going for him and didnt ski my fastest race. I didnt go for any points in the overall. One point or none doesnt matter for me. I wanna go for the podiums and Top 10 places. So it was more training and help for Sindre."
Espen H.: "It was my first competition out of Norway as combined athlete, so I was here only to learn. I tried to do my things at the hill. I´m not that happy about it, but it was ok. At the track I need to learn and run more races. Sure I learn new and more things every day. I couldnt expect much, it was a good start and a good weekend for me. I will see whats next now."
Sindre: "My feeling about is actually really good. I started a little bit frustrated on Friday because I didnt get the results I wanted. On the last race on Sunday I was close to get the perfect jump and a perfect race, so it was a good feeling. But its much easier to have a break during Christmas, come home to my family. But I look forward to next year and the upcoming races."
Einar: "There was a bit ups and downs, to be disqualified was really bad. But I´m happy with some COC points at my first international competition. My jumping is not the best yet, but its getting better."


Thanks a lot for your time guys! Was really fun to talk to all of you ;)

by Marion Grumbd



COC Chief Ole Martin Storlien


You finished your career as an athlete after the last season. What was the main reason for it?


Ole: "I thought I reached my level after I worked very hard for many years to get in the World Cup. I didnt manage to do that, so I lost the motivation."


What is your job at the team now?


Ole: "I´m a COC Coordinator so I´m going to all COC Cups this winter with the team. Its a new role for me and for sure really interesting. I have to do a lot of things at a weekend, but I´ll manage the COC package. Together with Kristian Hammer we decide which athletes are competing there."


How is it to travel like as a Coach?


Ole: "Its really interesting with that new role. I´ve been competing many years at the COC and know really well how things are working around it. I know what was important for me to compete at the best level. I try to transfer my experience and important things to the guys now. We have to work as a team and have fun on trips like this. And I think thats very important to compete well in the end for sure.
We will see whats happen in the future for me, but I like do to that and maybe its something for the next years for me."


How is it for you to be now a Coach for these guys you were a teammate in the past?


Ole: "It is good learning for me, because I have to take this Coachrole now. But at the same time I can see the boys´ situation, when there are struggeling than I´ll be there. Maybe its quit easy for me to unterstand whats the problem is and can help out."   


What is your brother Gudmund doing now?


Ole: "He is a Coach in Lillehammer as well, where he coach the seniors Sindre, Truls, Lars and our new Espen."


Whats with Simen Tiller or Lars Buraas, who where competing well the last season?


Ole: "Right now the level is not there yet. But I work hard with this guys at home and hopefully there will be in the COC later this season. Lars was really good last year,  but he has trouble with his jumping part, but the level will come soon again."   


What is the reason why the norwegian combined athlets  are not the best at hill right now?


Ole: "I dont know. We worked really hard with the jumping part during the summer. Hopefully we get results from it at the period after christmas. And I think it will come. We have Espen Andersen in the World Cup who is doing really well there. And we will get Jarl Riiber back in January, who will jump as well at a high level again." 


What´s your resume of the results at this first COC weekend?


Ole: "I think it was ok. Sindre had a bad start at the jumping hill, but worked really good and the curve was going up. It was a good end with his 3rd place at the last race. With Thomas I had hope that he can be at the podium. But he needs a little more time at the hill and more jumps. And than he will there too, for sure. Harald is close as well. But he felt after his jump on sunday, that was really sad. Because he would be close to the podium with that jump. Also we get the new guy, Espen Halvorsen. It was his first COC competition. He get 12th on Friday, that was really good for him. Einar is quit young and it was just learning this weekend. He made a good compeition on Friday as well. But on Saturday he made a junior mistake at the top, where he was disqualified. So this weekend was not the best, but quit ok for the first competitions this winter."



Thanks a lot for your time Ole! :)

by Marion Grumbd